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Frequently asked questions


What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is an gentle effective, Acupressure Massage therapy from Japan where the client is massaged on a shiatsu mat or massage table. The client remains fully clothed and the room is made warm and comfortable. Using their fingers, hands, elbows, knees, the shiatsu therapist gently kneads, taps, presses, rocks and stretches the client's body to release stress and heal disease/imbalance in the body and mind. Research has found that Shiatsu is particularly good for cleansing the body, cleaning blood, lymphs, joints, tendons, glands, muscles, organs and the mind. This allows the body to return to homeostasis and heal itself. Shiatsu Therapy is predicated upon the idea that Ki, a universal life force energy resides within our body minds. Through tapping acupressure points it is powerful to heal the body and the mind with Ki. Ki is everwhere, it is part of the force of nature. Ki is made of electrical, magnetic, gravitational, strong and weak force, the yin and the yang. Ki is a spiritual light. Ki is as profounds as it sounds.

How does your therapy assist my Painful Back, Tendons, Muscles & Joints?

Shiatsu aides in healing skin conditions, PMS, fatigue, insomnia, fibromyalgia, stress, anxiety, neck, back, shoulder pain. This is in part due to the fact that the acupressure points send signals to the brain, the chakra or hara (tan tien) and the organs involved in the imbalance and or cure. The meridians or channels within acupressure massage, follow the path of the muscles and some of the fascia! The Shiatsu therapist heals and traces these meridians, accessing acupressure points along them. The meridians have electro magnetic and light and also spiritual properties, all of which heal the body.

Can you help my Anxiety, Depression, Thyroid & Fatigue?

Yes! Shiatsu Massage really helps to relieve the root causes of stress in the body mind. Chronic fatigue, Pots syndrome, chemical sensitivities, leaky gut, viruses, hormonal imbalances, adrenal dysfunction and chronic stress The glands in the body are part of the endocrine system, which are responsible for our emotional regulation. By cleansing the lymphs and the blood that are part of this endocrine system, the glands heal and repair, restoring homestasis and equilibrium to the body mind. In addition toxins are removed from muscles, blood, tissues, this cleans the body which in turn removes the cause of much fatigue and imbalance.

Can you help with Rheumatoid Arthritis?

The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin diseases, claims that when done by a trained professional methods like massage can control pain, increase joint motion and flexibility, improve muscle and tendon flexibilitry. Massage increases blood flow to the centres of pain which results in relief and healing benefits. Nutritional support for arthritis symptoms is well documented, come to me with your nutritional queries and health issues? I use an holistic Shiatsu Functional Therapy dietary protocol in order to detect imbalances deeper than joint pain that helps to locate the causal nature of the illness. Based upon Chinese Medicine this protocol can heal symptoms and support your doctors diagnosis and nutritional guidelines. A 2007 Study published in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies showed a group of adults with arthritis of the hand and wrist suffered less anxiety, depression and pain and even increased their hand grip within 4 weeks of regular wqeekly massage.

Can you help with Irritible Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohns Disease & Food Sensitivities?

Please bring your medical doctor's diagnosis to the consultation. Shiatsu & Taoist Abdominal Massage techniques cleanse, clear and heal the digestive system by repairing the glands inside the organs. By flushing the intestines, and the lymphs, and the blood and stimulating peristalsis, liver, gallbladder, bladder, kidney, stomach, pancreas, colon and spleen function, the shiatsu therapy allows the body to heal. 5 Element Theory Nutritional principles assist to discern a balancing holistic diet that is able to free you of symptoms. Any dietary protocols are in light of youir physicians diagnosis, your presenting symptoms and your food cravings and preferences. The dietary intervention solutions are partially a temporary elimination of inflammatory foods, whilsrt also introducing those foods that can repair, noureish and cleanse the sympotoms and the root cause.

What is Kinesiology? How does it Work?

Kinesiology was born from Chiropracty and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a hybrid high touch complementary manual therapy that centres around tallking to the body's innate healing system via biofeedback protocols and manual muscle response therapy in order to find both the problem and the solution. Somewhat like Physiotherapy, muscles are balanced and cleared, by pressing gently on the muscles but also the kinesiologist recognises the meridian pathways and energy centres of the Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. Meridians are channels of Ki or Qi, our spiritual life force energy that follow the pathways of the muscles and some follow the lymphatic system and fascia. Firstly when a client comes I check for hydration, then I will muscle monitor the whole body. For example when you have an imbalance in your body anywhere at all, the kinesiology practitioner will apply muscle response feedback on you in order to discern where in the body the underlying cause is. This can be done through testing the muscles themselves for weakness and/or strength. The body signals weaker where the pathology is present. Instead of recommending a bicep curl to strengthen a weakened bicep muscle the kinesiologist will clear the jammed muscle and/or find the source of the condition in the gut health for example (or wherever the issue is), then heal that gut issue (with light) that lead to the weakened muscle, as this digestive function is affecting muscle health. 90% of the body muscles are connected to the jaw so I often balance the jaw to clear stress and pain anywhere else in the body. With Kinergetics RESET it's possible to remove the fight or flight response from the body via the jaw. By the way I am all for adding bicep curls or cardiovascvular activity to heal and strengthen weakend muscles! Do everything you can and everything that works. Kinesiology can clear the imbalance in both the body and the mind, it often heals the cause at the DNA level. The kinesiology muscle testing protocol is also able to discern the foods that a body is either missing or requiring, it can discern and detect the nutritional needs within a body. Part of the reason that a kinesiology practitioner can do this is that we develop with deep practice really stronger extra perseptory abilities inside our minds, these are used to both energise any body mind areas with light and to read or scan the human body for perceptive imbalances. We are doing the work of an MRI scanner but so much more and so much deeper, humans are much more perceptive than machines. As healers we also use our own biofeedback signalling via muscles and our brain to energise, clear and heal ourselves and our clients. So the muscle response bio feedback signalling is what we do inside our own body mind in order to read the body of the client.

What is Corporate Onsite Chair Massage?

Ruth Howard provides Workplace Stress Management Solutions. Choose from Onsite Massage and Nutritional Consultations, Corrective Exercises, including Yoga and team Strength Training/ Fitness.

How long does it take?

Your first appointment is 1.5 hours, each follow up session is 1 hour.

How much does it cost?

Each Shiatsu and each Kinesiology Treatment costs $100, sign up for newsletter for a 10% discount, or email me asking for the 10% discount?

Why does Shiatsu Massage Therapy Work?

Shiatsu practitioners access the hara, large energy centres of light within your body. These light centres are electrical, magnetic, strong and weak force, and the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors call this universal life force within us, Qi while the Japanese Medical practitioners call it Ki. Acupressure Massage is a manual therapy from, Japan where the client is fully clothed and receives a treatment via hand and finger pressure, elbows and knees.

Where is the Research For Shiatsu Efficacy?

Please see the studies tabled in the Shiatsu Society website Shiatsu For Chronic Lower Back Pain: Randomised Control Study Daiki Kobaysahi, Takuro Shimbo, Hana Hayashi, Osumo Takahashi Published in Complimentary Therapies in Medicine Vol 45 August 2019 pp 33-37 "Shiatsu Therapy improvces symptoms and QOL (quality of life) shortly after shiatsu therapy"

Do you charge different prices for different treatments?

Yes-Nutritional Consultations, Kinesiology & Shiatsu are $100 per session 1-1.5 hours. Massage therapies are $80 per session.

Do You Provide Rebates?

No, we do not provide rebates since the Australian Government changed the laws regarding Shiatsu Therapy and Yoga Therapy.

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