Holistic Nutritional Consultation

Get the help you need to heal yourself. It’s rare for anyone to get an hour and half to explore their wellness goals with a trained professional. Please allow an extra half hour for the first consult? 

In this nutritional consultation, I take the time to review your medical history, symptoms and medical diagnosis. I palpate your your tummy area to sense the imbalance in your body mind and strengthen any digestive or other organs so that you can absorb the nutrients that your body requires. You may opt for the full Personal Health Plan above, where I help you reduce chronic conditions through manual therapy, nutrition and corrective exercise.

Once I have all the information we can together come up with a plan for how to address it.

Depending on what sort of health issues you are looking to address your holistic nutritionist may

  • address the physiological symptoms with food, exercise and shiatsu and or kinesiology

  • explain the science of your health condition so you can understand what you are working with and learn how food may influence this

  • discuss nutritional factors that may affect your health

  • work with you to create some practical ways that you can make these changes

  • answer your questions about any of these factors

In most situations there will be plenty to discuss, so it wont be able to be covered in one consultation. You may work with me to create a plan for future consultations. Ask about  prepaid consultation packages to reduce the cost of your consultations ( the more you buy, the cheaper the consults!)

assist you according to your medical professional's dietary recommendations of sound nutritional principles, plus Holistic Nutritional Counselling, TCM protocol, Hara diagnosis, Face diagnosis, Pulse diagnosis to make wise and wonderful food/health choices. If you require help with food preparation ideas and cooking methods, I can assist there also. 
"If you have a chronic illness we can definitely resolve an aspect of it through food choice and preparation." 

It’s helpful if you consider what it is YOU would like to learn or talk about at your initial consult.

  1. What support you are after (choose one):

    • for a one-off consult for education / advice only

    • for some ongoing support, including to set some goals and work towards creating new habits

  2. What type of changes do you wish to make (choose one):

    • Are you hoping for a diet overhaul to kick-start a new approach to your eating habits

    • Would you prefer small changes to start with that are realistic for you to implement and incorporate into your daily habits?

    • Would you like a holistic approach from your nutritionist e.g. how other lifestyle factors (e.g. stress, poor sleep) may be impacting your situation and what to do?

  3. What sorts of things would you like to talk to your dietitian about? Some examples include:

    • Specific advice for a health condition

    • Eating less processed foods and more whole / natural foods

    • Improving the balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats

    • Eating more plant foods / less animal foods

    • Eating more vegetables or plant foods

    • Anti-inflammatory diet

    • Antioxidants for health

    • Meal ideas

    • Snack ideas

    • Cutting down on alcohol

    • Cutting down on sweetened drinks

    • How much is too much caffeine for my results

    • How to interpret labels and information on food packaging

    • Learning how to better listen to my body’s hunger and fullness signals

    • Managing non-hungry eating habits (e.g. for boredom, emotions, other reasons)

    • Managing hunger or food cravings

  4. If you have a complicated health history it may be helpful to make a note of some of the important aspects which may help save some time in your consultation

  5. Some people find it helpful to keep a food diary before your consultation, to help you identify your food habits, to monitor your intake. But you dont need to have commenced this research yet. 

Food as your Medicine-TCM Protocol

Rather than focusing on weight loss, looking at calories, food groups (carbs, lipids, proteins) or vitamins, the Traditional Chinese Medicine diet protocol focuses on how food tangibly affects a person: warming or cooling, dispersing excessive energy or nourishing blood, strengthening the Spleen digestion & the Liver. Smooth flow of Qi, our life force energy.   Each of these food qualities are used to customize a person’s diet depending on the medical diagnosis, physical and psychological symptoms to be alleviated. A  diet is not a fixed thing and will usually be adjusted when conditions or symptoms change. 


The consultation is one full hour and half so that we can heal your mind about which food ingredients are highest in function for you at this time, how to heal your gut so that you absorb the nutrients you require and any other conditions, how best to eat for recovery from illness and why. I follow up the consult with more information and you may ask any questions by phone or email anytime without further cost.


You come away with an ingredients list of beneficial healing foods, recipe ideas, where necessary an elimination diet protocol of foods that don't serve you so well and also the why. It depends upon your medical practitioner's diagnosis, your symptoms and food preferences and cravings which foods we emphasise.

Most approaches to healthy eating dwell on calories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Instead of just creating lists of restrictions and good and bad foods, I coach my clients to explore basic improvements and implement gradual changes during our work together. 


If you have a medical condition please bring your notes to your consult. 

Benefits of Holistic Nutrition
  • A holistic approach to eating is preventative medicine against flu, many illnesses, a considerable amount of disease, weakness in the body such as joints, nervous system, gut,  heart, inflammation in the body and especially mental illness.
  • Recovery from chronic illness
  • Clean and heal glands, lymph & blood
  • Heal Pain!
  • Higher Immune system
  • Higher absorption and intake of vitamins, amino acids and minerals
  • Longevity
  • Youth
  • Vitality
  • Emotional calm
  • In addition understanding the role that food plays in healing your symptoms encourages you to love yourself, nurture and cook for yourself in a higher way. 
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