A Sample Macrobiotic Holistic Diet Approach

Updated: Mar 3

  • The Principle of Opposites: Everything exists in opposition.

  • The Principle of Change: Everything changes!

  • The Principle of Cycles: All beginnings have endings.

  • The Principle of Non-Identity: Nothing is identical.

  • The Principle of Front and Back: Every front has a back.

The Macrobiotic Holistic diet is helpful for disease of the organs, kidney, bladder, reproductive, lymphatic, blood, gums, mouth teeth, skin, nails. Japanese Macrobiotics has a healing philosophy somewhat like Indian Ayurvedic Medicine. Macrobiotics principally means to live with nature, to sleep and move according to the seasons, to prepare, cook and eat locally grown fresh as possible foods, of a good variety and to harmonise the body by balancing yin/yang, hot/cold, salty/sweet/sour/bitter/pungent flavours.