Acupressure can Clear Negative Thoughts, so You can Heal Your Body

Science is now discovering evidence that energy follows human thought. Thoughts have electrical properties, neurons are electrical, when many fire together, they form a thought!

Ki is an energetic source within our energetic body, our subtle body, our chakra/tan tien. You’re a powerhouse of energy. It’s time to take deliberate action with your mind.

Deliberately heal your thoughts and emotions as your body begins to heal.
  • Your thoughts are directing everything, and your emotions are empowering everything that you direct

  • Become in charge of your personal energy field

  • Clear negative thoughts and emotions, heal the results of these in your body and your mind

  • Your personal energy field (aura) is so much more than mere colors

  • inner sight for the deeper cause of illness.

The Seven Emotions

According to Japanese Meridian Theory there are seven emotions. The seven emotions are joy, anxiety, anger, pensiveness, grief, fear, and fright. Joy is obviously a healthy state. As a pathology, excess joy (overexcitement) damages the heart. Anxiety also harms the heart, as well as the lungs. Anger (and frustration) are the result of liver stagnation and heat. Pensiveness (along with worry, indecisiveness, and the like) is associated with the spleen. Grief (and sadness) is related to the lungs. Fear is related to the kidneys. Fright is related to the heart and damages the kidneys.

In the case of emotional imbalances, the associated meridian(s) should be treated. Shiatsu is remarkable for healing the mind of emotions associated with thoughts, memories, experiences, unconscious and conscious reactions to life events and people.

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