Anxiety & Gut Illness & Lactobacillus

Updated: Mar 24

I am a former chef, caterer, cooking & food science educator who offers holistic nutrition services in Hobart Tasmania. I specialise in assisting people to recover from chronic health conditions and pain through dietary interventions, shiatsu therapy, kinesiology and massage. Many of my clients have gut disorders. If you suffer bloating, anxiety, depression then quite possibly adding a high quality probiotic inoculated yogurt may reduce any gut related dysbiosis & mental health symptoms.

In addition to probiotics it is highly recommended that the sufferer of gut illnesses inoculate their gut biome with gut friendly microbes in the form of prebiotics, mostly locally made or home made fermented vegetables and sauerkraut. Gastrointestinal disorders and mental illness often occur hand in hand. It has been found that the rate of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and other functional gastrointestinal disorders was four times higher in people with anxiety than those who don’t.

Of 24 trials between 2017-19 examining Lactobacillus’ effect on anxiety, 22 saw reduced anxiety symptoms at the end of treatment compared to placebo controls.

A randomised, placebo-controlled human trial saw a reduction in stress-related symptoms after the daily consumption of Lactobacillus plantarum for 8 weeks. Another study determined that Lactobacillus rhamnosus significantly reduced depression and anxiety symptoms in women who had recently given birth. In a similar study, anxiety symptoms were alleviated in 39 chronic fatigue patients receiving Lactobacillus casei."

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