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Updated: Mar 28

Each person’s biology is unique, the principles of Bio Individual Nutrition involve an understanding of chronic disease, determining bio individuality, discovering how food affects biochemistry, mastering special diets, customizing nutrition strategy and evolving the diet.

Epigenetics is the study of how external environmental factors turn our genes “on” and “off.” Epigenetics involves genetic control by factors other than an individual's DNA sequence. Since the Human Genome Project, science now understands that only some of the single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) actually contribute to our predisposition for health or disease. It is actually the Epigenetic changes that can switch our genes 'on or off' and determine which proteins are transcribed.

Our genome therefore is not fixed, it is actually our daily habits, including food choices and consumption habits, cooking styles, social habits, environment, movement, stress levels, and even our thoughts that contribute to our patterns of health.
This is very good news! You can learn new information, new skills, new habits and recover!

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It’s these epigenetic factors, that have the real impact; lunch, bed time, community and connection that really matter. And they all matter in unique ways for each one of us.

Gut Biome Molecule above.

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