Chew Well! Be Well

In my clinic I see alot of folk with damaged digestive systems. Digestion starts well and truly in the mouth! Chewing mechanically breaks food down, saving work for the stomach. Saliva enzymes have time to act.

So no gulping of food… According to Shiatsu Medicine & Chinese 5 Element Theory, a lack of chewing hurts the Stomach / Spleen organs.

Leave some empty space in your stomach. After a meal there should still be room in your stomach Preferably have warm fluids at the end / after your meal in order to humidify food in your stomach (rather than drown food into a stomach already full of fluids)

Traditional Chinese Medicine advocates balance and harmony. Nothing in excess.

Do not eat on the go, do not skip meals, do not eat while very upset.

It is important to calm your nervous system when eating and make it an enjoyable experience. We need our parasympathetic relaxed nervous response to digest, we do not digest well in the fight & flight mode.

In Shiatsu Medicine the Liver should be able to promote a smooth flow of energy while eating & digesting, otherwise its stagnation will “bully” the digestive system of the Stomach / Spleen.

Select good quality foods and drinks, preferably organic. Frozen food is fine a few times a week only. The best thing is to get your fresh produce from local food markets.

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