Design a Life that works, Jump on your Bike

Updated: Mar 9

Before I had my baby at age 40 I rode my bike everywhere! Then, thinking to protect my baby I stopped bike riding. Then I only moved at his pace! But it has taken its toll to not move so often since his birth and I understand that it is so essential for a human body to keep moving.

We are designed to walk and move regularly for at least 7-14 hours a day.

How do you stay on top?

Your lymph, blood, muscles, joints and brain all must have regular movement for at least 1/3 of your waking day.

Jump on your bike and book a Manual Therapeutic Massage or Kinesiology treatment.

Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Remedial massage and Kinesiology all clean and heal the circulatory system, the lymph, glands and brain. Stay healthy, choose your own wellbeing. I specialise in individual treatment protocols that keep you up!