Do You Need a Stress Management Plan?

Updated: Apr 10

Reason #1: Stress powers down our “thinking brains.”

Reason #2: We can only make so many good decisions in a day.

Think of your prefrontal cortex—your decision-making command center—as the weakest muscle in your body.

The more decisions you make, the more fatigued this part of the brain becomes—making each successive decision a little bit harder. And you’re probably making more decisions these days than you realize.

Reason #3: The pandemic wiped out some of our good habits.

A habit is something you do every day—without thinking about it.

For example, brushing your teeth is a habit, it’s the first step in a bedtime routine. And when you don’t brush their teeth, it feels wrong to go to bed, as if something is missing.

Before the pandemic, habits functioned like the first domino in a series. Once that one domino tipped over, post the lockdown, many other dominoes fell without much effort or thinking. During Covid 19 Lockdown we tend to stay home and indulge. If it wasn't lockdown that threw your routine, then acknowledge it got broke and find a friend or a friendly professional to help create the commitment you need to reboot your health.

Question #1: What’s important to you right now?

For example, are you making time for you now that your work routine is getting back to normal? What were you doing consistently to stay healthy? Were you…

  • Exercising?

  • Connecting with others?

  • Eating 7 or more fresh vegetable serves daily?

  • Getting seven to nine hours of sleep each night?

  • Other stuff? What makes you feel good?

But maybe other things have moved way up the list, like connecting with loved ones or doing everything possible to avoid getting sick.

So take a moment to consider: What are your priorities? Do you want to be less stressed, more relaxed, create more health, eat better? Sleep better? Commit to your healing?

BOOK an appointment with Ruth, let's make a plan to dissolve that stress. Start with a phone call, book a massage or make a healing plan that includes a higher commitment to nutrition & movement?

In other words, what’s most important to you? What’s dropped in importance? And what’s so low on the list it’s not worth putting effort into at all?

QUESTION: #2 What helps you feel good?

Do your current actions line up with your priorities? In other words, are you putting effort into what you feel is most important? Do you need a recharge? Clearing the backlog of stress frees us up to see more of what we need right now, it frees up our energy, our vitality and this frees us to make transformative change and to heal. Is it a pamper massage, improving your sleep, corrective yoga exercise, better planning & more nutritious meals, more water, or more movement that you need? Make a plan, find the support and celebrate your wins!

Question #3: What Systems Can you Create to Commit to your Health?

What would make staying active, eating nutritious foods, restful sleep, and other priorities easier and more automatic? Consider your:

  • Daily schedule: Could consistent wake times, meal times, exercise times, meditation time, or bedtime help?

  • Surroundings: What changes could you make to your kitchen, workout space, and other aspects of your physical environment?

  • Reminders: How might setting alarms, using a to-do list, or blocking out time (use a diary and a big coloured pen) at set times of the day or week make things easier?

  • Planning: Would you benefit from a two-week meal prep and grocery shopping plan?

  • Support: Find people around you for motivation, accountability, and help?

  • Routines: How might you stack healthy habits on top of something you already do? For example, could you take work calls while going for a walk?

Map it out for 7 days, what worked? What can you add to the following 7?

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