Easy Small Intestine pre workout Cleanser-Keto Eggnog

This is a sugar free, dairy-free low-carb eggnog recipe- a Keto Eggnog recipe made dairy-free using coconut milk. Rich, creamy, warmly spiced with nutmeg and is festive and cleans your small intestine before a workout!

If you can’t do fresh dairy like milk or cream, this Keto Eggnog recipe dairy-free uses canned coconut milk. I also haven’t been consuming much sugar (natural or otherwise), so I opted for a sugar-free eggnog using sugar-free stevia.

Ingredients for Keto Eggnog:

Canned Coconut Milk: Coconut milk makes this eggnog supremely rich and creamy without the need for milk or cream. You can use full-fat coconut milk or light coconut milk as long as it’s canned.

Egg Yolks: The element of eggnog that makes the beverage silky smooth, luscious and thick with creamy flavor and amazing texture. I use three egg yolks for