Energy Healing is a Biofield Science

Biofield science and its relevance to healing

“…all of the world’s healing systems, except for Western allopathic medicine, emphasize the role of a so-called “life energy” in maintaining health. This energy is known as “prana” in the yoga system, “qi” in Chinese (& ki in Japanese) medicine, “ruach” in Jewish mysticism, and it is even acknowledged in several notorious off shoots of Western medicine (the “Animal Magnetism” of Franz Mesmer, the “elan vital” of Henri Bergson, the “libido” of Sigmund Freud, and the “orgone” of Wilhelm Reich)." (Leskowitz 2001)

The Consciousness and Healing Collective (USA) states "The study of biofields includes electromagnetic emanations from our bodies that tell us about our state of health. Tried and true examples of biofields in medicine today are electrocardiograms (EKGs) and electroencephalograms (EEGs): electromagnetic readouts of the heart and brain that reveal our state of health. Researchers are exploring how biofield devices that use light, sound, and low-level electromagnetic stimulation on the body, might help clinical issues such as pain, wound healing, depression, and most recently, Alzheimer’s disease.

Shiatsu is a biofield science, a biofield healing protocol based on traditional Chinese Medicine discoveries that we are made up pf energetic centres that create ki or chi in the body mind and that the subtle energy pathways, meridians are able to be healed and cleansed which facilitates a return to homeostasis within the body systems.

We are bioelectromagnetic beings that are sensitive to energetic fields, as well as to chemical drugs, yet the pathway to healing has mostly ignored biofield healing protocols in favour of chemical solutions, even though energetic fields themselves, without drugs, can stimulate our healing."

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The Consciousness and Healing Initiative, Subtle Energy & Biofield Healing: Evidence, Practice, & Future Directions, April 2020 paper contains clinical reports for evidence based applications of biofield therapies below.

Results from a randomized, placebo-controlled trial on a biofield therapy (Hands on Healing) for cancer related fatigue, conducted at UC San Diego and published in the journal Cancer, reported that biofield healing markedly reduced fatigue and improved cortisol variability in breast cancer survivors. The change in cortisol variability was unique for the healing group and not explained by measured placebo variables, including treatment expectation, sense of connection with practitioner, or belief that the therapy was helping.
• Results from a randomized, controlled trial comparing a biofield therapy (Healing Touch) with relaxation in cervical cancer patients found that the biofield therapy not only significantly reduced depression in these patients, but also uniquely affected the preservation of natural killer cell cytotoxicity, compared to both relaxation and wait list control groups. The study was conducted at the University of Iowa and published in Brain, Behavior, and Immunity.
• Results from a randomized, controlled study conducted at the University of Arizona found that a biofield therapy (Reiki) significantly reduced noise-induced microvascular leakage in mice compared to sham Reiki and noise alone.
• Results from a randomized, controlled study conducted at the University of Connecticut found that a biofield therapy (Therapeutic Touch) significantly reduced tumor metastasis, cancer related cytokines and lymphocyte splenic cell subsets, as compared to mock therapeutic touch, but did not affect tumor size, in a mouse model of cancer.
• Results from a recent controlled study conducted at MD Anderson Cancer Center found that biofield therapy exposure resulted in suppressed tumor growth and reductions in cancer related cytokines, in a mouse model of cancer.20 16 | The Consciousness and Healing Initiative - CHI
• Results from a randomized, controlled trial on Emotional Freedom Technique found reductions in cortisol, heart rate, systolic blood pressure, and diastolic blood pressure in a non-clinical population. These studies suggest that biofield therapies can affect clinical and biological outcomes, with studies on animals and cells showing that these therapies do not function only through placebo effects.
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