Evidence for Shiatsu For Stress & Mental Health

  1. Long, AF (2007) The Effects and Experience of Shiatsu: A Cross-European Study. Final Report. Report. School of Healthcare, University of Leeds , Leeds, UK.

Around three-quarters of the clients indicated that they had made changes to their lifestyle as a result of having shiatsu treatment. Areas of change were most noted in relation to rest and relaxation, exercise taking, work and use of CAM (an increase) or conventional medicine (a decrease) and medication (a decrease). Around a third to two-fifths of clients provided additional comments to describe either changes in their lives, implicitly as a result of having shiatsu treatment.

It is notable that use of conventional medicine, for any of the problems clients came for treatment to the shiatsu practitioner, declined (about a sixth used it less), as did any use of medication.


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Researchers reported that shiatsu stimulation worked for sleep disorders [5] , painless delivery [6] nausea, vomiting of pregnancy [7] .

The researchers concluded that After the shiatsu stimulation the results of all showed that negative mood states decreased while the positive states (V) increased. The former states were mainly controlled by sympathetic nervous system (SN) while the latter state was largely influenced by parasympathetic nerve system (PN).

  1. Zen Shiatsu: A Longitudinal Case Study Measuring Stress Reduction in a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Angela Burke , MA Ed, LMT

Sunshower Healing Arts, Boulder, CO, USA.

Zen Shiatsu, a Japanese modality based on traditional Chinese medicine, provided meaningful and positive benefits for a child with autism. This case study offers preliminary evidence for the possibility of Zen Shiatsu providing a viable complementary therapy for alleviating stress in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, thereby potentially improving the overall health-related quality of life.


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