Feet Reflexology For Youth!

Updated: Apr 27

Feet age first before you do! Traditional Chinese Medical diagnosis discerns that both coldness & illness come from foot health! Eastern Medical practitioners, Shiatsu Therapists and Reflexologists all agree that regular Foot Reflexology improves micro-circulation , reduces stress and detoxifies the glands, blood, lymph, muscles, brain. Foot Reflexology is a hands on acupressure massage technique with pressing, rolling, loosening, scratching to improve feet circulation and detox the body, reduce stress and treat health problems. Toes are the end of the body where micro-circulation takes place, both arterial blood and venous blood arrive here so far from the heart. When your foot circulation is poor, toxins are present which affects the related meridians, organs, spine (cervical, thoracic, lumbar and tail vertebra), joints and muscles. Foot Reflexology can also be used to diagnose the body health conditions in areas other than those in the feet-such as the health of the organs, the lymph, skeletal, circulatory or endocrine systems.

Foot Reflexology is beneficial for treating symptoms and cause of headaches, neck and back pain, stomach pain, heel pain, ankle pain, swelling feet, insomnia, memory loss, high blood pressure because it supports organ function. In Traditional Chinese Medicine feet are medically known as our second heart zone, like our abdominal gut brain is our secondary brain zone. Traditional Chinese Medicine protocols support reflexology foot treatment for pain in the head, neck, shoulder, lower back, chest, and stomach ache, insomnia, memory loss, depression, leg swelling, and eye problems (dry eyes, tired eyes, tears in eyes).

Nearly all of the primary meridians travel through the feet including

liver, spleen, kidney, stomach, goal bladder and bladder meridians.

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Give your feet a treat and heal the whole body?

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