Acupressure For Gut Cleanse & Disease Intervention Part 1.

Updated: Apr 10

There is an emerging role of the gut microbiome as a biomarker for disease phenotype, prognosis, and response to treatment Scientists have found intriguing differences between the bacteria that inhabit the guts of healthy people and the microbiomes of those with chronic diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease and Type 2 diabetes.

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Current gut microbiome interventions include probiotics, prebiotics, dietary interventions such as high fibre foods, drinking more water, drug targeting, faecal transplants & acupressure massage. These protocols required are very much as individual as the person who is presenting with the symptoms. To this end scientists are now sequencing the human gut biome in order to target individualised biomarkers and further 'personalised medicine'.

The friendly bacteria in our guts help digest foods that our bodies have trouble breaking down, and they do this by eating the bad bacteria and the contents of your stomach . If your gut is unable to digest the contents of your meal then putrefaction, causes toxification, malnourishment, gas, bloating and disease.

Shiatsu Acupressure and Taoist Abdominal Massage are manual therapy interventions for gut health, that remove old compacted faecal waste, stones, bacterial pathogens, fungus & disease by targeting the blood, organs, microbiome, nervous system, meridians & magnetics in the gut in order to return the body to homeostasis.
Because acupressure accesses the meridians it precipitates biome changes that are chemical, mental and emotional. It can heal the gut illness at the cause, partially in the intestines, the nervous system (nerves, lymphs), organs & blood to clear the mind & heal the source of any gut dysbiosis. Acupressure goes as deep as the cell, to transform health, even as deep the DNA.

Shiatsu & Taoist Abdominal Massage both use the meridians to cleanse, repair, heal & clear the organs within the gut cavity, the liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, duodenum in order to heal the gut microbiome.

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