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Updated: Mar 2

Shiatsu Massage for Gut Health! New Town, Hobart Clinic

Do you suffer anxiety. depression, bloating, wind, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, food sensitivities, irritable bowel, crohns, caeliac, ulcerative colitis?

These symptoms are terribly debilitating, fatigue, stress, irritability, anxiety all result from these illnesses in the gut. Really sensitive Acupressure, Taoist Abdominal (Shiatsu) Massage is a treatment for clearing the gut from all dysfunction. It cleans and restore equilibrium in the organs, in the glands so that you can be happy and choose a higher path of good health. The Traditional Chinese Medicine 5 Element protocol for health is a significant solution to clean the body of illness. Shiatsu and Kinesiology both use this wisdom to assist recovery.

My approach is to gently touch the hara, in the tummy area, which is a very large energy centre in the body, where Ki/Qi is created and also almost half the body organs reside here!

I help you body to clean the gut, clear blockages, heal the lining, the organs, meridians and glands. The blood heals, the lymphs heal and this raises the brain function too. The nervous system is restore so that your emotions and your mind, your thoughts all harmonise.

I give you clear instructions how to heal yourself with good dietary intervention.

Bring your medical practitioner's diagnosis with you please?

Ruth 0448043652

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