The Gut Repair Benefits of Water Kefir Probiotics & Cultured Vegetable Prebiotics

Updated: 4 days ago

Ancient records show that the cultured dairy food, Kefir (pr. keh-fear) originated in the Central European Caucasus Mountains. Kefir granules have come from this authentic source.

Water kefir is a modern adaptation of the probiotic-rich dairy kefir granules, favoured as a dairy-free delicately-flavoured low-sugar carbonated ‘soft drink’.

However, I dont recommend it for those with small intestine illness, it is very helpful for the large intestine. Small intestinal ill health conditions do not like sugar which ferments the digestive system even more. In this case choose all of the variety of prebiotics you can find these are easily sourced in fermented vegetables and sauerkrauts. Find them as locally made as you can and go for variety as each maker has different microbes that have been added to the culture. Go for variety to raise your gut microbiome!