Healing Illness through Shiatsu Massage is Safe & effective

Updated: Mar 3

Based upon your symptoms, your doctor will diagnose pathology, physiology and biochemistry and the interrelationships between the body’s systems. Most solutions are chemical via a pharmaceutical drug. This can be very effective for reducing certain symptoms, but it can cause unwanted side effects.

I have used pharmaceuticals to good effect, however their over reliance is something I am cautious about. Instead Shiatsu is a complementary healing model that cleans the organs, glands, blood, lymph and source Ki or Qi (Chee) to create high function within the body mind in order to reduce any symptoms and to clear root causes, so that no recurrence of the imbalance happens nor any side effects.

Ki is a Taoist concept with roots in deep science, an incredible electro magnetic life force energy found everywhere in life, and even within our bodies and our minds, that can heal the root causes of disease. This profound universal energy called Ki is partly made up of weak force, strong force, electrical, magnetic and gravitation force and more, which makes it light. Every cell in our body absorbs and emits light! Eastern medical practitioners recognise that light is a profound healing tool.

The Shiatsu healing protocol reduces clears and repairs any imbalance in the body mind that creates disease through deeply sensitive manual therapeutic acupressure healing and stretching and holistic dietary counselling.

Shiatsu balances, repairs, heals and cleans the meridians, organs and hara energy centres, those deep mind subtle anatomy that make up our mind as well as our body. This makes shiatsu very good for both mental and physical health! Often the cause of physical conditions lies within the mind, but not always.

Shiatsu can relieve and heal, back pain, joint pain, gut diseases, blood illnesses, allergies, arthritis, asthma, constipation, depression, digestive problems, fatigue, headaches and migraine, insomnia, menstrual issues, RSI, sciatica, sports injuries, stress.

After a full therapeutic Shiatsu massage treatment due to the healing response, your body mind goes into homeostasis and heals itself. I love Shiatsu, it really works, It can take 1 day to 10 weeks of repair, healing, cleansing as the body heals. Several treatments are necessary in order to gain the maximum benefit from Shiatsu.

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