How Can Shiatsu Acupressure Help Me?

Shiatsu is remarkable for pain management clearing stress in the body & mind. Mental health is improved while physical health is also raised. Anxiety depression fear, all let go.

Part of the efficacy of Shiatsu is it creates more chi or ki flow, an energy necessary for health. This in part due to the healing aspect of the meridians which are subtle energy circuits of light throughout our body. They are part of our brain, connected to our glands- so when stimulated they heal the emotions, healing body & mind!

Shiatsu also helps by relaxing the body and increasing blood flow and circulation cleaning lymphs also. Mostly Shiatsu acupressure can clear anything!

Stimulates the secretion of the sebaceous glands and keeps skin moist and smooth, delaying ageing.

Not only does shiatsu help improve the circulation and cellular nutrition throughout the body but also benefits the digestive system and significantly relieves constipation by relaxing the bowel muscles and colon, allowing food to digest more easily and aides in waste elimination.

This in turn really assists the nervous system and brain.

Shiatsu helps those with fatigue and weakness restoring and maintaining the body’s energy.

It reduces or eliminates chronic pain.

It improves the range of motion in joints.

It strengthens immune system function.


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