How Do you Feel? Macronutrient Health & Food Cravings

If you are experiencing intense cravings for particular foods it can give you clues as to what is going on for your body. We all have different nutritional needs based upon the genes from our parents.

  • Do you experience chocolate cravings on days where your sleep has been disrupted or shorter?

  • Are you feeling hungry within two hours of eating a meal?

  • Are your cravings for sweet, salty or fried foods?

  • Do you experience a craving when you haven’t consumed enough water?

  • Does going for a 30-minute walk remove the craving?

  • Do you slump after a meal of carbohydrates? Sleepier, more tired?

  • How do you feel after fats?

  • How do you feel after meat proteins?

  • How do you feel after prolonged exercise?

As a holistic nutritionist I ask clients these questions and more, I encourage you to take a log of your eating habits for 2-4 weeks only, depending upon your symptoms.

What should you do about persistent cravings?

Quite often experiencing cravings is a sign you are not eating the right kinds of protein, fats and carbs in order to receive the correct amount of micronutrients in order to create the energy for optimal cellular and organ function.

When you eat the right vitamins, minerals, protein, fats and carbs you will increase your energy, mood and satisfaction. Eating right for you can help improve body chemistry, metabolic health and any chronic inflammation.

There is a trilogy in the development of illness.

  1. One is a genetic vulnerability to a particular disease or issue.

  2. Two, an environmental trigger that sets the symptoms and disease off.

  3. Three, the one thing you can do every day is take personal responsibility – and listen to your body, move well & eat really well.

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When you eat well, plenty of fresh unfrozen non canned vegetables then you have higher digestion, more stable blood sugar levels, and you shouldn’t have urgent or insatiable cravings for salty or sugary foods. When you eat well there is proper ingestion & absorption of digestive chemicals acids & enzymes, vitamins & minerals. Your body can use these for optimal function. In turn you lessen any cravings.

I had a client who was eating a well constructed low-carb diet believing it the best approach to managing blood sugar levels and sugar cravings. Despite never eating sugary foods or a lot of fruit, she always had sugar cravings at 3pm. Once we introduced some slow releasing complex carbohydrates like kumara, pumpkin, quinoa and brown rice these cravings gradually disappeared.

I inherited 2 genetic disorders through my father's line, his father passed it to him, via their typical Irish diet that affected my gut, partly enzymic reactions, gut microbes, gastric acids and other things. Our genes really do affect our nutritional outcomes. To help give you some guidance call me for an appointment, I'm in New Town Hobart Tasmania, Australia. We can Zoom or Skype, Phone or in person consult.


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