Improve your Liver, Heart & Gut Health Eat Well!

This could be a longer article... :) So instead I'll pop down my top 4 tips!

Almost the three most important organs for dealing with the changes in our modern world are your liver, heart and your gut. The liver conjugates many of our toxins and gets the energy cycles going. In Eastern Medicine, the liver function is very important for mental health. When we are too angry, upset, frustrated and blaming, the liver gets out of harmony, causing illness. The liver is significant for healthy digestion, so when in doubt, stay calm.

The heart is not only part of our brain, but a significant part of our nervous system, our endocrines and therefore produces hormones which affect our mind and our emotional health, that is how we feel and respond to life and others. So always nourish your heart with higher nutrition!

The gut is vital for our immune system and our digestion of important nutrients. Like the heart and the liver the gut has a significant impact on our mental health! The gut helps to nourish the heart and the liver, so please eat fresh, and eat well.

  1. Add the good things in first - before taking away the bad things. An apple before a tray of donuts is better than just the donuts because it will heal the gut, giving you higher function in the other organs.

  2. Eat as close to nature as you can, eat real vegetable servings not packeted,canned, dehydrated, frozen or powdered vegetables. Always eat at least 7 servings of vegetables daily.

  3. Eat more alkalising vegetables & fruits & whole foods for higher vitamin content! - please email me if you would like more information?

  4. Try warm water, lemon water or water with apple cider vinegar a good hour prior to your meals. If you have bloating, flatulence, loose stool or constipation don’t just think this is normal for me.

See a professional Shiatsu Therapist, Kinesiology Practitioner, and or Nutritionist that can help to clear the body and the mind at the source of the problem.

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