Living Longer Living Stronger Classes For Tasmanians

Updated: May 17

Ruth Howard of Shiatsu Kinesiology Hobart is now offering an evidence-based strength and balance training program for older adults. Group exercise classes for older adults are held here in Hobart Tasmania. Ruth has been trained & accredited to deliver Living Longer Living Stronger Exercise for Older Adults program by Cotatas.

The Living Longer Living Stronger is a safe accredited evidence based exercise program for Fitness over 50 that aims to improve health outcomes for local Tasmanians, through evidence based, fun, delivery of group strength and balance training. These classes can be tailored to your health needs, please ask your medical practitioner before joining the classes.

Progressive strength and balance training can help to improve your:
• balance
• cardiovascular fitness
• muscle strength
• wellbeing.

Tailored exercise plans can also help to manage chronic conditions.

You will be carefully guided through a low impact warm up prior to each training class that increases blood flow throughout your body, elevating body temperature and speeding up metabolic activity so that your body is ready for the more demanding exercises to come assisting;

• joint lubrication

• metabolic rate

• oxygen released into the working muscles

• muscle elasticity

• flexibility of ligaments and tendons

• speed and force of muscle contraction

• the blood flows to the working muscles

• minimising lactic acid build-up.

I'm working on my class schedules, I'll release details here asap!

.In this class, we fully include all regardless of disability, and identity and welcome Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and people from the LGBTQIA communities.

The benefits of guided group exercise over 50 include;
• Variety/fun
• More motivating
• Social
• Different Styles/types of classes
• Great way to start if you are new
• Decrease in stress, and an improvement in mental, physical, and emotional quality of life
Please get your GP's approval before embarking on any exercise program including Living Longer Living Stronger

The Living Longer Living Stronger Exercise Program will include:

• Warm up

• Conditioning

• Cool – down

• Progressive and regressive exercise choices

These are Community Based Programs including;

• Circuits

• Core strength and Stability

• Stretching

So, how much should you be exercising?

The official guidelines recommend you start by aiming for 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week. This is when you’ll see the health benefits of exercise kick in. When you build to 250 - 300 minutes a week you’ll enjoy some of the physical benefits too.

The most important thing is that you do the amount of exercise that works for you, and you enjoy it.