Meridians and Your Nervous System

The human nervous system is capable of directing emotional, mental, physical, spiritual energy wherever it is needed for the body mind.

Zen Buddhist, Taoist masters, Acupuncturists and Shiatsu Therapists have all discovered the existence of a small heavenly cycle, a main energetic circuit, consisting of the governing channel (also called the Governing Vessel meridian) and the function channel (also called the Conception Vessel meridian) deep within the mind. The tongue positioned behind the lower teeth (natural position of the tongue) connects these two channels.

By circulating energy, consciousness, in the governing channel and the function channel, organs, nervous system and cells are stimulated to clean the mind. These are deep parts of the mind, when healed and cleansed many symptoms abate.

Through Japanese Shiatsu acupressure, the nervous system is healed and calmed, I find this work extraordinary how beautiful, effective, relaxing and healing it is. Cleansing and releasing even higher than any talk therapy can cure a worried mind!

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