Movement Research to Motivate your Mental Health Mojo


20 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise each morning is shown to increase mental health. A moderate approach of short workouts have the best effect on your mental health. One study of 1.2 million US adults found that people who exercise for 45-minute sessions enjoy better mental health than those who sweat it out during marathon workouts. Regular exercise between 3 to 5 days is ideal for beneficial gains of exercise to mental health outcomes. Working out in a group scores even higher so far as mental health benefits is concerned.


Explore breath techniques to increase energy and vitality, improve clarity of mind and boost physical and emotional resilience. These life-changing sessions span 5-15 minutes. Use breath in your exercise programs, it can significantly improve all athletic performance too.


This study found 20-30 minutes pre bedtime workout with 10 mins meditation is enough to get you over the hump of mental health issues.


Learn to calm the mind using Vipassana, Insight, Zen Buddhist, Transcendental (TM) or other longer serving spiritual meditations. Any guided visualisation meditations are ok for relaxing and calm but these deeper spiritual meditation traditions above are far more reaching and enduring and take daily commitment. I would not really call 'guided visualisations' a meditation in the true sense, move beyond these into authentic practice. Find a group to meditate with to sustain your practice and attend at least one retreat per year.

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