Pain Relief in New Town Hobart

Discover a revolutionary new way to recover. Get the chance to experience a personalized one-on-one Zen Shiatsu session and leave with your whole body feeling restored, refreshed, and ready to go. Common mental health challenges like stress, burnout, and anxiety impact every one of us, yet accessing support is incredibly hard and often reactive. We believe the best work of your life will be the work you do on yourself, we know that working on yourself isn’t always easy but it can be more enjoyable when receiving a shiatsu! We offer a proactive and effective “inner health balance” for your mental health.

Conveniently located in New Town, clients can feel the difference when they book a regular fortnightly Shiatsu after their high-powered workout (or to recover from the day’s wear and tear). Shiatsu per muscle group post-activity alleviates muscle soreness, relieves muscle tension, and increases circulation to help your body recover faster than ever, to activate muscles and improve muscle coordination and performance.

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More than just a massage Shiatsu is state-of-the-art technology that harnesses the breakthrough science of percussive therapy and acupressure to clean blood and lymph. override the pain signals to the brain, increase heat in the tissue, and release tension. The result? A faster, more effective modern solution for pain relief, faster recovery, performance enhancement, improved mobility, and whole-body wellness.

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