Part 3 How to Change Behaviours & Bad Habits

Updated: Aug 17

Third Law: Make it easy (response)

With the First and Second Law we saw the problem half of Clear’s habit formation cycle-make the cue obvious and the craving attractive. With this third law we come to the solution half of the cycle: Here we understand the factors that help us to make it easy to formulate a response solution that will develop or maintain a good habit.

How long for a new habit? Looking at long-term potentiation

People ask, “How long does it take to form a new habit?” The answer is another question: “How long will it take you to repeat this behaviour so much that the structure of your brain changes to become efficient at the activity?” When the forming of a habit is tracked, behaviour is seen to change and habits form as a function of frequency, not time (Clear, 2018; Calbet, 2018). Thus, the easier we make the action we are trying to make habitual, the greater the chance that we will