Research Foot Reflexology For Pain Management

The results of the present study showed that foot reflexology alleviated pain and fatigue and improved quality of sleep after kidney transplantation surgery. The effects of foot reflexology on pain, fatigue, and quality of sleep were clinically important.

Foot Reflexology is an acupressure massage treatment for the whole body, by stimulating reflex points on the feet, the practitioner can clear the symptoms of pain from elsewhere in the body.

Few studies have investigated the effect of reflexology on pain of patients after kidney transplantation surgery as above. Most studies have examined reflexology effects on pain of patients after other surgeries. These studies confirmed the effect of reflexology on pain after abdominal hysterectomy [49], abdominal surgery [50], postoperative cancer cystectomy [51], abdominal and chest surgery [52], amputation of the lower extremity [53], and spinal surgery [30].

Koras and Karabulut found that although the pain intensity in patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy did not change for 5 minutes after reflexology, the intensity of pain reduced 30, 60, 90, and 120 minutes after reflexology [54].

Bhagya et al. reported that foot reflexology reduced pain of patients after open-heart surgery and sternotomy, cesarean section, and digestive system surgeries [29]. Mohammad Aliha et al. and Koras et al. also reported that foot reflexology reduced the consumption of analgesics and sedatives [52, 54].

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