Root Cause of Your Illness

Updated: Apr 8

The body has the lifelong ability to adapt, heal and regenerate. In my clinic, I rekindle this inherent ability with natural methods, including shiatsu acupressure, holistic nutrition, massage and kinesiology. Together we focus on the original causes of any imbalance and your unique story.

In my view, the natural state of the body is health. Its regulatory systems maintain that wellness despite the occasional threat. But those systems are impaired by outside factors, such as toxins, stress and poor nutrition. When this happens, conditions develop, followed by symptoms, and lastly, disease.

Conventional medicine in the past has focused on the treatment of symptoms only, not considering the underlying causes of disease. It is therefore not surprising that conventional treatments so often fail to heal the patient completely, however many physicians now openly embrace complimentary allied therapies. Unless the root causes of the illness are resolved, the body will continue to degenerate.

When a client comes to me with a chronic heal