Shiatsu For Lower Back Pain

The Effects of Shiatsu on Lower Back Pain

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First Published March 1, 2001 Research ArticleFind in PubMed

Shiatsu: a hands-on therapy which works on energetic pathways to balance and strengthen the body.

Shiatsu is a deep and effective hands-on treatment for many conditions as well as

being very relaxing and providing support for general health and well-being. Through the balancing of the body's energy, better physiological and psychological functioning can occur. Recommendations for diet and lifestyle based on traditional Chinese medicine theory can also be offered, according to individual need.

Low-back pain alone affects approximately 85% of all individuals in the Western world at some point during their lives, Chronic back pain is the 3rd most prevalent cause of disability in those over 45 years of age.

Abstract Shiatsu, a specific type of massage, was used as an intervention in this study of 66 individuals complaining of lower back pain. Each individual was measured on state/trait anxiety and pain level before and after four shiatsu treatments. Each subject was then called 2 days following each treatment and asked to quantify the level of pain. Both pain and anxiety decreased significantly over time. Extraneous variables such as gender, age, gender of therapist, length of history with lower back pain, and medications taken for lower back pain did not alter the significant results.

These subjects would recommend shiatsu massage for others suffering from lower back pain and indicated the treatments decreased the major inconveniences they experienced with their lower back pain.

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