Simple Nutrition Self Help

Updated: Apr 11

Nutrition is always a mix of opinion, debate, and habit. I always try to keep in mind the quote “One man’s medicine is another man’s poison.” The best thing you can do to keep the load off your immune system, which you want working at its peak efficiency, is to double the amount of vegetables you eat, and reduce as much processed food as possible.

Move in a direction of more veggies and fruits. 99.9% of human history we ate what we could dig up or kill with a stick. Try to avoid processed as much as possible. Try to get some vitamins in you daily with food, think vitamins think vegetables-these are cracking hot with body love!If you are taking more than three supplements consult with a health care provider. Even supplement can mix with your medications, so always tell your healthcare provider what you're taking.

PS, avoiding phlegm makers like white sugar, dairy, and glutens would be tactical. You don’t have to be perfect.
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