Treating Knee Injuries

I am a natural therapist in Hobart, Tasmania, Japanese Acupressure or Shiatsu is an holistic evidence based pain management healing treatment for knee injuries.


Below you will find information sheets on common knee pathologies. Please click the link and download or print out. Patello-Femoral Joint Pain (Knee cap pain) This is a very common condition that can be very well rehabilitated with manual Shiatsu Massage therapy and an exercise based rehabilitation program. Appropriate patella tracking bracing can also play a fundamental role in managing the condition. Patellar Tendinopathy (Jumpers Knee) This is a common problem in the athletic population especially in jumping sports. Treatment of the condition is very effective with a specific exercise based rehabilitation program essential. Patella tendon unloading braces can also play an important role in managing the condition. ITB Friction Syndrome ITB Friction Syndrome is less common than other knee pathologies but extremely debilitating to the athlete. This condition can be managed well with Shiatsu Massage and Physiotherapy intervention however medical intervention, by way of corticosteroid injection, may be required. Home treatment consisting of ITB stretching and self-releases(Foam Roller glides) are essential in the management of the condition. Knee Osteoarthritis This refers to degeneration due to wear and tear of the knee joint. Strengthening and rehabilitation of the joint is useful to prevent further degeneration of the joint, however the damage that is there cannot be undone without consistent ongoing manual treatments to avoid further degeneration. Knee bracing can be useful to provide support to the joint and aid in general functioning. Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) The ACL is the most important ligament in the knee joint. Injury to this ligament can be year ending to any athlete. Proper diagnosis and management of this injury is imperative for a full return to function to occur.

Japanese Shiatsu Massage Therapy is evidence based pain management for joint care and mobility. BOOK NOW with Ruth Howard in New Town, Hobart Tasmania

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