Winter cardiovascular & Brain Healing Soup with Adzuki beans!!

Add this wonderful adzuki bean soup topped with parsley to oat porridge for a different breakfast.

Rolled Oats, a warming grain cooked with a pinch of celtic salt or sea salt is a great brain food.

Adzuki beans are high in protein, rich in fibre containing good levels of vitamin B1. This supports healthy gut function and relieves fatigue.

Adzuki Beans contain the mineral molybdenum which plays a crucial role in detoxifying the liver. The liver is the general in Traditional Chinese Medicine! This means you NEVER let the liver go down on the field soldier! Keep your liver on track.

Adzuki beans are rich in Polyphenol which is said to support patients suffering from diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease and strengthens the kidney and bladder organs

Wakame is rich in minerals particularly calcium, amino acids, Iron, magnesium,potassium, zinc, fibre, Omega -3 fatty acids, Vitamin B1 & B3 thiamine and niacin.

Parsley is a good source of vitamin C & Iron

If you make plenty of the soup you can lengthen it each day by adding water & wakame - it continues to taste delicious!

Left over bean soup can be blended into a condiment or used as a savoury spread to go on toast or crackers


• 1 cup adzuki beans (Soak overnight; discard the water. By discarding

the water it gets rid of the gut gas!)

• 6 cups cold water

• 1 strip of kombu

• 2 tbsp tamari

• 1 tsp of grated ginger (optional … and warming)


Drain and rinse adzuki beans. Cover with water and bring to a rapid boil. OR rinse out of can.-always cook your precooked tinned beans btw.

If the beans are dried then boil them for 15 minutes then drain and rinse again. Cover with water again to make the soup. This is when you add the precooked tinned beans if you do not use dried ones.

Add Kombu and return to a gentle boil. Continue cooking till beans begin to break down creating a thick consistency, this is best done over a low

heat with a heat diffuser for at least 6 hours. This long slow cooking creates a strong rich flavour. Stir in Tamari and ginger and cook a further 30 minutes. Season to taste with more tamari if required. For a sweeter flavour you can add sautéed onions.

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