Women and Girls Gym Guide

Tom Walker writes from the UK about a new Practical Guide and supporting Research Document that tackles women and girls fear of judgement and sexual harassment in the Gym, the guide is intended to assist fitness professionals to cater more fully for these clients. As a woman over 50 myself who is not ripped I support the use of real women in the advertising campaigns, gyms are full of folk like me interested in rehab an d prehab and not necessarily body building.

Acceptance, focusing on how we feel rather than what we look like and seeking out sports that we enjoy are the keys to unlocking exercise in any body. If you can’t find something that suits, dig deeper, Hobart Tasmania, has a huge range for the novice exerciser, you can even create it yourself. Personal Trainer Em Barrett set herself up to support others when she couldn’t see people like herself an extra large woman, training others. </