Zen Shiatsu Ryoho Therapy

I was trained in 1992 in Zen Shiatsu Ryoho Functional Therapy with Andjez Gospodarczyk in Haymarket, Sydney Australia. In addition I studied Macrobiotic Cooking with Holly Davis of IKU, Sandra Rotheraine in Sydney and Roger & Victoria Green in Sydney Australia. I opened my Shiatsu practice alongside my Macrobiotic Catering business in 1993. Later I studied cooking extensively in Australia & overseas in the UK, including Le Cordon Bleu.

The Ryoho Shiatsu style is the study of all aspects of shiatsu, namely:

  1. Mechanical Shiatsu (stretching and osteoarticular stimulation)

  2. Energy shiatsu (meridians, families and combination of the points)

  3. Therapeutic shiatsu (pathologies, pulse measurement, oriental diagnosis-face, back, abdomen)

  4. Personal development (self-shiatsu, work on tactile sense, meditation, qi gong, …)

  5. Oriental Medicine (theories, energy physiology, visceral psychology, moxibustion)

  6. Corrective Exercises -Oki Yoga Meridian Stretches

  7. Macrobiotic Holistic Cooking & Dietary Principles

Shiatsu comes from the Chinese Anma therapeutic touch therapy which in Japan was divided into two branches: the classical and medical version called Koho Anma and the popular version performed by blind Japanese practitioners. Over the centuries Koho Anma has almost disappeared, mainly due to the influence of Western medicine. Shiatsu is the modfern revival opf this therapeutic approach, sometimes still called Happaku ho (acupressure technique), as it was when Tokujiro Namikoshi opened his first clinic in Hokkaido. However the term Shiatsu came later.

BOOK a Shiatsu & Holistic Nutritional Consultation in Hobart Tasmania with Ruth

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