Pregnancy Massage

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The benefits of massage while pregnant are safe and numerous!
  • Ask your massage therapist not to touch the baby in your belly directly but otherwise it is powerfully therapeutic to receive an all over limb, buttock, back, neck, head, hand, foot massage. Of course your family members and yourself can always pat the tummy and send love to your baby inside your belly. When she pops out massage her daily!
  • If you're anything like I was, then you may be swelled even in your limb tissue, it was weird, massage can relieve this bloating in the body. 
  • Massage during pregnancy reduces stress hormones (cortisol) and instead releases endorphines in the body. 
  • Massage alleviates the extra burden on the lower back in particular, releasing pressure and pain upon the nerves, joints, ligaments of the spine and hips. 
  • It raises blood health, which is very important for the mother's heart health
  • It raises lymphatic health and endocrine health all of which raise your hormonal health, further elevating mood and brain healing. 
  • Importantly massage will help you to sleep!
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