Physical Therapist
Chair Corporate Massage Hobart Ruth Howa

Solutions For Chronic Health Conditions

As a practitioner I have a longer interest in nutrition & medicinal massage & kinesiology as effective treatments for chronic mental, emotional, muskuloskeletal, glandular, lymphatic digestive health conditions. 



Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is an holistic non invasive treatment for pain management and cleaning the body of stress. 

Effective for;

skin health, muscle spasms, strains, joint sprains, ligament, tendons injuries, vascular, tissue, fascia, muscular joint and bone care. 


Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone massage uses volcanic rocks, I use basal rock to clear the organs, muscles, blood.  Also general stress, gum health, teeth, tongue, eyes, lymphatics, muscules, ligaments, tendons, all repair. 

This massage is helpful for relief from bronchitis.

05 Aromatherapy Foot Reflexology

Improves blood circulation
Helps in relaxation
Promotes better sleep

Relieves body pains
Improves mood and fights depression.
Makes feet healthier
Alleviates swelling (edema)


Shiatsu & Taoist Abdominal Massage

Numerous research studies, articles, case studies and systematic reviews of Shiatsu, including randomised clinical trials, have been published in professional and peer-reviewed journals. 
Multiple research studies [2] have found that Shiatsu correlates with improvements to:

-Back and muscle pain
-Menopausal symptoms
-Digestive problems
-High blood pressure

In addition, if you require gut healing , Taoist Abdominal Massage is significant for reducing stress, anxiety, depression, inflammation, food sensitivities and disease caused by gut dysbiosis. 



Kinesiology can clear joint pain, clean cartilage, tendons, muscles, joints, lymphs, blood, DNA, bone, gut, brain, kidney, adrenal, endocrine  health.  allergies
Clearing/healing joints/spine/neck/limbs/toes/fingers
postural problems
poor performance levels
learning and relationship difficulties
nervous disorders

blood healing


Holistic Nutrition

Based upon your medical diagnosis, your symptoms and your eating preferences and cravings, together we motivate and inspire you for interventionist dietary change and mindful eating. 

I emphasize eating locally grown wherever possible fresh unpackaged foods.

I will also assist you using nutritional principles, Macrobiotic counselling, Hara diagnosis, Face diagnosis, Pulse diagnosis, 5 Element Theory, Mindful Eating and Kinesiology to make wise and wonderful food/health choices.

The consultation is one full hour and we can heal your mind about which ingredients are highest in function for you at this time, how best to eat for recovery from illness and why. 

Heal with Bridget White

 6 weeks ago

I recommend Ruth highly. Her massage healing work is exceptional. She has a wide spectrum of knowledge and intuitive wisdom and provides a wonderful service to empower our health. Thank You Ruth 🙏🏼

Bridget White