Stone Treatment

Deluxe Relaxing & Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage

Therapeutic & deeply relaxing Hot Stone Massage using volcanic basalt stones, beautifully carved for smooth integration with your body. A warming full-body experience to melt away stress and deeply relax. Used in a relaxing massage on the body and in placement, the heat will penetrate into the deeper muscle layers promoting circulation for relief of muscular aches and pains, it is also great to reduce stress and help with a better quality sleep.

Benefits of a 2 Hour Hot Stone Relaxation Massage

The benefits of a 2 hour stress relief protocol combining the traditional wisdom of the Hawaiian Elders with the Wisdom of the Traditional Chinese and Japanese medical practitioners, along with the Swedish naturopathic doctors advise is a deeply healing hot stone basalt rock massage;

Deep stress relief

Improved Mental Health

Clean lymphs

Clean blood

Relief from symptoms of anxiety & depression

Relieve Muscular Aches and Pains

Improve Circulation

Promotes Better Sleep

Hot Stones Massage